Get to know the everyday situations experienced by people with disabilities and eliminate attitudinal barriers to provide a good experience for everyone!

Training Goals

Presenting the main characteristics of different disabilities.

Discussing ways to improve customer experience.

Qualifying the participants to deal with people with disabilities and mobility restrictions in a proactive way.

Experiencing stimulated situations and practicing putting yourself in someone’s shoes.

Getting to know some of the attitudes which reduce barriers between people.

Developing awareness and motivating engagement in this cause for a more accessible and inclusive world for all.




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Accessible Attitude

How does the Accessible Attitude Training work?

The training is held online, allowing each participant to do it when it is most convenient.
Entitled “Wheelguide Accessible Attitude Game”, the training lasts 45 consecutive minutes and was conceived using learning methodologies based in games and simulators.
Digital individual certificates are issued and sent by e-mail to each participant after the conclusion of the training.

At the end of the chosen business plan, after the training has been completed, enterprises and establishments also receive the Wheelguide Accessible Attitude Certificate.

Do you want to hire the

Wheelguide Accessible Attitude Training?

It is a training program that prepares employees and collaborators of companies to welcome people with disabilities and/or people with mobility restrictions at different stages of life in a better way.

Bruno and Bianca Mahfuz, founders of Wheelguide.

The live online training (synchronous) lasts 1 hour.
The recorded online training (asynchronous) lasts approximately 40 minutes.

  • Accessibility for all
  • Principles for an accessible attitude
  • Main Situations experienced by People with Disabilities on a daily basis
  • Mobility Restriction: Elderly People, Pregnant Women and Others
  • Awareness and Active Participation – Evaluation in the App

All the people who deal with the public must be trained.

Yes, the nominal certificate of completion of the training is delivered by email. That accomplishment can be mentioned in the employee’s professional profile on Linkedin and in his resume.

The cost of the synchronous version is calculated by the number of sessions. The cost of the asynchronous version is calculated by the number of participants registered on the platform.

The company which reaches the necessary quorum of participants receives the Wheelguide Accessible Attitude Certification which includes getting featured in the Wheelguide app, promotion material and a report showing the participants’ results and performance.

One of the main barriers to an accessible experience is people’s attitudes. Getting closer to the universe of people with disabilities and becoming familiar with the main situations experienced on a daily basis favors inclusion.


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