WT Morumbi earns Wheelguide Certification

WT Morumbi earns Wheelguide Certification

By practicing accessibility and inclusion, the WT Morumbi contributes to urban mobility and generates social impact

It is common sense that people with disabilities need accessible places to have an autonomous life and easily carry out their daily activities. What is often not noticed is that an inclusive place also benefits people without disabilities and positively impacts the city. This is Wheelguide’s great purpose, an initiative which was doubly awarded by the UN as the best inclusive digital solution in the world, that through its certification takes the message to companies and enterprises that when an idea is good, it is good for everyone. 

The Wheelguide Certification Program has been carried out in enterprises and large companies such as Mercado Livre – BRSantander and KPMG which seek to go beyond the norms. By understanding accessibility as a living organism and incorporating human factors, the process of evaluation also takes into account the practical experience of people with disabilities as well as the perception of the regular users of space, besides interpersonal treatment aspects.

According to the founder of the initiative, Bruno Mahfuz, who is a wheelchair user, in order for the experience of a disabled person to be successful, it is necessary that in addition to an outstanding structure, the people who operate in a certain place are prepared to serve the diverse audience.

WT Morumbi, a triple A enterprise located in the Chuchi Zaidan region, in the southern area of São Paulo, represents an area of high flow of vehicles and pedestrians and will soon give access to line 9 -Esmeralda of the Subway.

Practical tests were carried out, in addition to the training of the operations team for a more accessible attitude.

As a result, at the beginning of 2021, WT Morumbi conquered the Wheelguide Certification and advanced on the attributes of ESG, generating social and, consequently, economic impact for its investors.

“As managers we had a fundamental support from the syndication to obtain the certificate, as well as from the owners of the enterprise and tenants, who all have a broad vision on the need for inclusion and accessibility. It was an achievement celebrated by all.”

says Ronaldo Mazarotto, Operations Manager of Cushman & Wakefield at WT Morumbi

The certified enterprises are highlighted in the Wheelguide app, which is the largest guide for consulting and evaluating the accessibility of places present in more than 115 countries

Learn more about the Wheelguide Certification

Wheelguide Certification

The Wheelguid team has developed its own certification program, created to treat accessibility as a living organism, incorporating technical elements, inclusive solutions, human factors and real experiences of people with disabilities in this process. The result of this certification program is that it offers a unique methodology in the market, able to meet all kinds of business needs.Wanna know more? You can learn more about this service by clicking here, or by sending us an email contato@marketingerodas.com. We will be happy to give you all the details!

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