Infinity Tower earns Wheelguide Certification

Infinity Tower earns Wheelguide Certification

Enterprise located in Itaim Bibi in São Paulo invests in training and structure to better welcome everyone. With this certification Infinity Tower takes a big step towards accessibility and inclusion

Walking in high heels, carrying a heavy suitcase, using canes or crutches, pushing strollers or using a wheelchair. These and so many other situations can be experienced by anyone at different stages of life and, in all these moments, accessibility is an essential factor for an autonomous and dignified life. In addition, just as important as offering an accessible structure, it is having people prepared to deal with diversity.

The Wheelguide Certification is a program for enterprises and companies that enhances and recognizes best practices in accessibility and inclusion.

“In the concept that environments consist of both physical structure and people, inclusive adaptations should be an exercise practiced continuously. Therefore, the companies and enterprises which make up the Wheelguide Network get committed to the cause, being an example for society”

says Bruno Mahfuz, founder of Wheelguide

Infinity Tower, home to large multinational companies, started the Wheelguide Certification process in 2019. The evaluation takes into account the analysis of expert architects, the practical experience of people with disabilities, the perception of frequent users of the space and aspects of interpersonal treatment.

As a direct consequence, the certification process contributes to the ESG factors: Environmental, Social and Governance, since the work carried out in addition to being guided by local norms and laws, also strengthens policies and labor relations based on the values of inclusion and diversity, employee’s engagement, workforce training, human rights and relations with communities.The Wheelguide was recognized by the UN as the best inclusive digital solution in the world and its certification, recently earned by the Infinity Tower venture, is taken as a reference when it comes to positive social impact.

Wheelguide Certified Buildings

As it is already known to Buildings customers, in the partnership signed with Wheelguide a filter was created on the App to show the buildings which have the Certification.

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