Wheelguide Impact Report 2020 points to growing interest in accessibility and inclusion

Wheelguide Impact Report 2020 points to growing interest in accessibility and inclusion

Second edition of the survey conducted by the startup indicates growth of users and companies seeking guidance on accessibility and inclusion

The Wheelguide, a multi-award-winning Accessibility Technology Company, presents its 2019-2020 cycle Impact Report. The second edition of the survey positively surprised the startup which points to a growth of 328% in its user base in the period.

Companies invest in accessibility

2020 was very challenging for the corporate world. The pandemic prioritized topics such as employee’s safety and well-being in the workplace, and aiming at the return of face-to-face work and the economy recovery, some institutions took advantage of quarantine periods to review their infrastructure and strengthen the culture of inclusion. 

One of the major focuses of this reformulation has been the issue of accessibility as an essential element for the implementation of ESG generally used to guide and measure environmental, social and governance practices. Through the process of the Wheelguide Certification companies and enterprises have their venues evaluated by expert architects and people with disabilities who test the functionalities in practice. In addition, employees participate in trainings in order to get closer to the reality of people with disabilities and thus, through a more accessible attitude, provide an inclusive place for all. 

Wheelguide now has dozens of companies in its portfolio of clients in Brazil, in a wide range of activities. The platform which includes the wheel.guide portal and the Wheelguide App is a source of information on accessibility and inclusion and offers a tool to evaluate whether a place is accessible or not. By the end of 2020, despite social isolation, the platform has reached more than 140 thousand active users and evaluations in more than 2000 cities worldwide.

For Bruno Mahfuz, founder of Wheelguide, the search for certification is an indicator of how accessibility issues have gained space in society, as well as awareness on this matter.

“We have been demanded by companies with great performance in sustainability and social responsibility. They seek to understand how to improve access to their spaces, achieve diversity and inclusion goals and draw up plans for continuous improvement,” he says. “This growth is very representative for Wheelguide, which was created with the aim of making a difference and contributing to making the world a better place to live”, he adds. To access the 2019-2020 Wheelguide Impact Report, click here.

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About the Wheelguide

Wheelguide is a technology company in favor of accessibility founded by Bruno Mahfuz, a wheelchair user since 2001. The Wheelguide Certification helps companies and enterprises to prepare to include all people in their staff and visitors, stimulating and rewarding the eradication of both architectural and attitudinal barriers. The platform, which includes the wheel.guide Portal and the Wheelguide App is an information hub and offers a tool for searching and evaluating the accessibility of places. Quickly and intuitively the user signals whether there is good service, structure and conditions to welcome everyone. 

To know more about Wheelguide access: wheel.guide

To know more about Wheelguide access: wheel.guide

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